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The Oak Capital

Headquartered in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, The Oak Capital is a venture capital firm established to back ambitious, underserved founders solving critical problems across Africa. With a sector agnostic approach, we invest in ventures – typically in the pre-seed to seed stages.

At The Oak Capital, we nurture and grow entrepreneurs and ideas to become heavyweight businesses and companies, and match them with an array of seasoned investors and financial experts willing to walk side by side to help you reach your goals.

Technology continues to be a primary catalyst for change in the world and our investment focus cuts across a wide array of sector verticals in the technology landscape; From Mobility to Clean Energy, Fintech to Web3, Advanced connectivity to Sustainable Consumption, Trust Architectures/Digital Identity to Cloud/Edge Computing and much more.

We understand the struggles that young entrepreneurs, small-medium scale business entrepreneurs, face in terms of seeking financing for their ideas, businesses and expansion projects, therefore, we are here to bridge that gap and help businesses to reach their attainable growth and even beyond.

Our major aim is to help businesses who need financing to expand their business. We work hand in hand with them to reach their full growth potential, while analysing risks and the business market.


Our operations are premised on these core values that form our organisational culture and guide our approach to business: Integrity and Respect


To be an economic driver and vehicle of economic empowerment, creating wealth and sustainable development in Africa, for Africa.


To be the foremost provider of finance to growing businesses.

Our Investment Approach

Geography: Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana

We are here for YOU !

We are here to bridge that gap and help businesses to reach their attainable growth and even beyond.